Friday, April 23, 2010


How to make a Skittles Pie:

1- Invite like-minded friend over
2- Pulse 2/3 of skittles in a food processor (will be loud) until they look chewed up a bit
3- Place in double boiler with 1/2 C. corn syrup to make "skittles sludge"
4- Cook sludge until actively sludge-like, keep over heat as you prepare the crust
5- Unwrap and place Starburst in the bottom of a pie tin- feel free to be decorative
6- Place in preheated oven for about 10 minutes, until slightly melted and pliable
7- Once cool enough to work with, shape the crust
8- Combine sludge with remaining fresh skittles, and working quickly, place in pie shell
9- Spread evenly, place some more fresh skittles on top
10- Weave a lattice top out of twizzlers, place on top of pie, trim to edge

And viola! A beautiful, tasty, and perfect birthday present for Misty Martin!


  1. brings a tear to my eye. best birthday present ever. worth the sugar coma it caused. if i were stranded on a desert island, i would want you there.

  2. dessert island. i crack myself up. but seriously, you've crossed a line man was not meant to cross.

  3. That is... disgusting! And by disgusting I mean FUCKING AMAZING!